Our Story & Philosophy

This is how our story begins..

I was looking for a safe and effective product for my daughter's eczema way back in 2002. Driven and passionate, I learned that there are so many things that I need to know about nature and its offerings. I mastered the key ingredients for my Super Dry Patch Cream and Neem Soap and later discovered myself working in my kitchen and starting my small business from home.

Creating simple, clean and effective products became my challenge in the last six year until I was ready to open a shop in 2008. Di Erbe Inc. became the pioneer in providing skin care products in North America. Assisting small to large businesses achieve their dream through branding with our private label services.

We take pride with our products which is backed with high quality standards. Di Erbe Inc.'s dedication and customer appreciation led us achieve our vision. We are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful people who believe in our goals-that nature holds the key to a safer and better beauty.